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Çatalköy Northern Cyprus | Çatalköy — pros for living, moving, and buying real estate

Çatalköy is a beautiful village and district of the same name in Northern Cyprus. It is an ideal place for moving to permanent residence if you dream of a warm climate and a settled life.

Çatalköy is a small but actively growing village, a 10-minute drive from Kyrenia. The area is a resort, so tourists from all over the world often come here in summer.

Besides, many foreigners, mostly British, have already purchased real estate here.

They are attracted by the mild Mediterranean climate, developed infrastructure, and a large selection of housing, including luxurious villas on the coast.

Çatalköy stretches from the foot of the mountains to the sea, where life flows measuredly and slowly - holidaymakers, who get here and are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of a large city, have the feeling that time has stopped in this spot.

It is not surprising that many of them, after a trip to Çatalköy, are thinking about moving here for permanent residence. An ideal climate with more than 300 sunny days a year, well-groomed beaches, and stunning nature - everything for a comfortable life comes in handy here.

Sea and Beaches in Çatalköy

There are many luxurious hotels on the first line in the village, each with its well-maintained beach.

Tourists open the swimming season in April-May, when the water is not warmed up yet, and the air is not as hot as in the summer.

By July, the water warms up to + 29 ° С, and then slowly cools down, even in October in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Kyrenia and Çatalköy, the water remains quite comfortable + 26 ° С.

One of the most popular beaches in Çatalköy is called Şayna, where a famous fish restaurant is located.

From October to May, the beach, like any other beach in Northern Cyprus, becomes free, while sun lounge chairs, sun umbrellas, and other amenities are available to tourists. There is also a massage room.

Transport Infrastructure of Çatalköy

The ride from Ercan Airport (the only one in Northern Cyprus) to Çatalköy can take half an hour by car: a taxi or a rented car.

The ride by public transport will take longer. Besides, buses run to large cities, the closest to Çatalköy in Kyrenia (Girne), where you will have to transfer to a minibus.

This option should be considered if you have a lot of free time: you can wait for a bus for an hour or two - public transport in Northern Cyprus is not very reliable in terms of being stick to the timetable, the reason for this is the generally relaxing pace of life of the islanders.

Do not forget that you will not be able to pay by card on a bus or minibus, it is better to exchange money for Turkish lira in advance.


You can rent a car right at the airport - there are rental offices there, or in advance, online. The cost of the rental depends on its duration, as well as the class of the car - some rentals have premium cars, such as a BMW coupe.

Medical Care in Çatalköy

As for the quality and availability of medical services in Northern Cyprus, everything is fine - even residents of the southern part of the island often come here, since medical care is cheaper.

You can call for an ambulance on number 112, it is common for emergency services. But keep in mind that if you have a fever or poisoning, no one will come to the house.

In such cases, you need to contact the nearest emergency room - ACIL. They can do simple tests, determine the cause and symptoms of poor conditions, give a shot or put an IV in, and also make an appointment with a specialized doctor.

Foreigners may also be unaccustomed to the working hours of pharmacies: here they are open from 9.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Saturday, and Sunday is a day off.

Such a not very convenient mode of pharmacy operation is compensated by low prices and a large selection of medicines: in the pharmacies of the TRNC, as in Turkey, there are no fakes, most of the drugs are sold without a prescription, the price is 3-5 times as low as it is in Europe, sometimes even much lower.

And of course, on the weekends or at night, they will help you buy all the necessary medicines in pharmacies that are on call.

Tourist Attractions in Çatalköy

It is not worth going to Çatalköy in search of ancient picturesque ruins as in Çatalköy the main attractions are restaurants, a horse riding club, and a beach.

If you want to experience some history of neighboring areas, you can drive to Bellapais, where the 12th-century monastery is located, or take a walk around the outskirts of Kyrenia.

Real Estate in Çatalköy

Property in Çatalköy is predominantly villas, from small to luxurious ones, with a private pool, a separate kitchen (this is rare for Cypriot housing), furniture, and household appliances.

The cost of a villa is affected by the year of its construction, the number of bedrooms, and, of course, the view from the windows - real estate with a sea view is more expensive.

Apartments appear on sale much less often, but if you wish, you can still find an apartment. As a rule, residential complexes here look like 2-3 storied buildings, usually with a swimming pool in the backyard, sometimes with additional infrastructure in the form of a gym, or sauna.

Çatalköy will be a great place to move to for permanent residence. It is not too crowded here, there are many Europeans, if necessary, you can get to a supermarket or hospital in 10-15 minutes by car. Gradually, Çatalköy is expanding, and now it is no longer just a village in the mountains, but one of the most prestigious suburbs of Kyrenia.

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