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Lapta Northern Cyprus | Lapta — pros for living, moving, and buying real estate

Lapta is a suburb of Kyrenia, popular with foreigners, where it is profitable to buy real estate both for moving to a residence permit and as an investment.

Lapta is a suburb to the west of Kyrenia. It is located 10 minutes drive from the historic city center.

Lapta is divided into two parts, Old and New Town. The old town is now destroyed, but it used to be called the "city of treasures".

The oldest house in Lapta is over 600 years old and has recently been restored. The new part of the city consists of hotels, residential complexes, and villas on the seashore.

Lapta attracts tourists with beautiful views, an abundance of orchards, clean air, and a mild Mediterranean climate.

Housing here is bought by those who want to enjoy all the advantages of life in Northern Cyprus and at the same time do not like noise, crowds of tourists, and fuss.

Lapta is devoid of these disadvantages, but if you want to get to Kyrenia, where life does not stop for a minute, you can do that very quickly.

A lot of foreigners have chosen Lapta as their place of residence. Most Europeans have come to this area.

Sea and Beaches in Lapta

In Lapta there are beaches for every taste: municipal and private, with sand and pebbles, wild and fully equipped.

Relatively recently, a promenade coastline appeared in Lapta.

A beautiful path runs not only along the coast but also directly above the sea, which is why walking along the embankment is very interesting and useful - the sea air without dust and pollutants heals the body.

The Guzelyal beach is popular with lots of tourists, where the water is unusually clear, the entrance to the sea is gentle, and the coast is sandy, but closer to the water it turns into pebbles.

Another popular beach is Sunset Beach Club, where there is live music that can be heard during the day, water slides, and a playroom for children.

Infrastructure Lapta

You can get to Lapta from Ercan Airport by public transport with a transfer to Kyrenia, taxi, or rented car. The roads here are good, you can rent a car online in advance, or right at the airport.

Lapta is a small village. There is one municipal hospital and one secondary school, but there are chain supermarkets, a farmer's market that works once a week, and pharmacies.

For comfortable traveling around the city, it is advisable to use a car: ordinary minibusses (dolmush) run every 10–15 minutes, but their route runs through the main streets, so, one way or another, you will have to walk your destinations.

For some specific services, for example, to show the animal to a veterinarian, or to get an appointment with a private doctor, Lapta residents go to neighboring Alsancak, Karşıyaka, or Kyrenia.

At the same time, they choose Kyrenia for entertainment: nightclubs, casinos, and beach holidays on the territory of luxury hotels with water activities packed with tourists and locals.

Tourist Attractions in Lapta

During the Roman Empire, Cyprus was divided into 9 parts, and the city of Lapta (Lapithos) was the Cypriot capital.

It is not surprising that a lot of evidence of that era has been preserved until our time. For example, not far from Lapta, there is an ancient necropolis.

Scientists have established that it was built more than 4 thousand years ago.

Mosques, churches, and monasteries are also of interest to tourists, some of them have long been abandoned, and others are still working. In the Akchiropitos monastery, built in the 12th century, one of the main Christian shrines, the Shroud of Turin, was kept for a long time.

Real Estate in Lapta

The prices for real estate in Lapta Northern Cyprus are lower than in Kyrenia, but the living conditions are just as good.

The quiet village attracts retired people, and families with children due to good infrastructure and a large range of real estate.

If desired, you can find an apartment in Lapta, Northern Cyprus in a residential complex with a garden and a swimming pool, and luxurious apartments with a terrace and a barbecue area on the roof. Buildings in Lapta are low-rise.

There are also villas in Lapta, but not so many of them are for sale.

Lapta for buying real estate should be considered if you want to live a little further from a noisy city, but if necessary, have a good opportunity to get there in 10-15 minutes.

The Tolerance real estate agency will help you find the perfect accommodation in Lapta and other cities in Northern Cyprus.

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