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Karaoğlanoğlu, Northern Cyprus | Pros for living and buying real estate

Karaoğlanoğlu is a picturesque village near Kyrenia. Life here is an impressive variety and mixture of cultural values, attractive modernity, and stylish archaism in one spot.

Karaoğlanoğlu is a small cozy town with a population of about 4 thousand people, adjacent to the main city of the region, Kyrenia (Girne).

The nearest airports to Karaoğlanoğlu are Ercan International Airport (ECN) 45 km, Larnaca (LCA) 81 km, and Paphos (PFO) 155 km.

You can also get to Karaoğlanoğlu by ferry from Turkey to Kyrenia. Then you can move around using a taxi, a municipal minibus (dolmush), or rent a car in advance using online services or offices of rental companies.

The attractiveness of Karaoğlanoğlu

The attractiveness of Karaoğlanoğlu is undeniable. First of all, this is a place with a mild sunny climate and an average annual temperature of 19.4 ° C, plus it has a geographically ideal location on the shores of the azure Mediterranean Sea.

The warmest month in this region is July, the coolest is January.

The air temperature averages from 28.8°C in summer to 10.6°C in winter. The water temperature ranges from 16.4°C to 28.7°C, which provides a year-round tourist attraction for Karaoğlanoğlu.

Sea and Beaches in Karaoğlanoğlu 

The main place where you can spend your time with maximum pleasure is a beautiful public beach with free parking.

Quiet, calm water, umbrellas that create shade, clean showers, and toilets, and changing cabins - all these facilities will create comfort for you while staying on the Karaoğlanoğlu

Municipal Beach. Good food lovers will be pleased with the proximity of the location and the affordability of prices for food and drinks, both in coastal cafes and in posh fish restaurants.

Infrastructure in Karaoğlanoğlu 

Most small hardware and grocery stores are located on the main street of Karaoğlanoğlu, which is called Caddesi, and the nearest malls in Kyrenia are only 10 minutes by car. You can also use the bus service between Girne and its small but cozy companion.

Near Karaoğlanoğlu is one of the first universities to receive accreditation and international recognition in the field of education - Girne Amerikan Üniversitesi.

The university offers business and economics, politics, health sciences, and engineering degrees. There are faculties of liberal arts, law, architecture, aviation, maritime affairs, nursing, tourism, and more than a dozen others.

It is worth noting the ultra-modern sports complex Kyrenia Grand Insanity Fitness & Health Club, which offers its services 24/7 and is only 5 minutes away by car.

Kyrenia Scuba Center offers diving courses, beginner trial dives, snorkeling tours, and trips to the world-famous Zenobia wreck for scuba diving enthusiasts.

If you need help, including medical assistance, emergency services are available on 112. The main language is Turkish, but an English-speaking operator will be provided upon request.

Free medical care for non-residents of Northern Cyprus is not available, therefore it is highly recommended to use health insurance.

Real Estate in Karaoğlanoğlu 

The attractiveness of investment and moving to a permanent residence in Kyrenia's suburbs is growing daily.

The extensive coastline at the moment still allows you to buy land, both for the construction of a business and for the construction of private houses.

At the moment, the real estate  Karaoğlanoğlu market offers already completed housing projects oriented to different budgets: from small-budget apartments to modern villas and penthouses. There are many options under development, which means you can choose the layout, floor, and even the view out of the window.

The undoubted advantage of buying real estate in Northern Cyprus is obtaining a residence permit status.

Having bought a house, any foreigner can obtain a residence permit within three weeks for themselves and their families.

Having a residence permit, you can send a child to a municipal school, kindergarten, free sports, and other clubs.

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