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Esentepe Northern Cyprus | Esentepe — pros for living, moving, and buying real estate

Esentepe is a small town located a 15-minute drive away from Kyrenia. The purest sandy beaches appeal to thousands of holidaymakers as well as a settled life and mild climate — those who are willing to buy real estate there.

Esentepe is a beautiful resort town that is growing rapidly thanks to a big interest from investors and property buyers.

It is quiet and peaceful here, there are no fuss and traffic jams, and if you wish, you can get to the noisy Kyrenia in just 15 minutes.

Esentepe is surrounded by apricot orchards, not far from which there is a pine forest.

The town is located at the foot of the mountain, on a small hill. The name "Esentepe" means a windy hill. Even on the hottest summer days, when the air temperature exceeds +35°C, you feel quite comfortable here thanks to a slightly cool breeze.

The climate in Esentepe can be safely called ideal for life, where the average annual temperature reaches about + 19 ° C and the total number of sunny days per year exceeds 300.

Sea and Beaches in Esentepe

Locals prefer to relax on the Esentepe municipal beach. There are no special amenities here, you will have to take a towel with you, but the beach is sandy, the entrance to the water is gentle, and the beach itself is very clean.

Not far from Esentepe is the famous Alagadi turtle beach.

It is one of the largest in Northern Cyprus, but you can swim there only during the day, as at five in the evening the beach closes and completely passes into the possession of giant sea turtles.

From June to August, if you're lucky, you can watch the baby turtles hatch on the beach and their first journey to the sea.

It is impossible to touch the masonry and the animals themselves. This kind of violation is punishable by a fine. As in mainland Turkey, the TRNC is extremely sensitive to nature.

Transport Infrastructure of Esentepe

There are many ways to get to Esentepe.

The easiest way is by plane to Ercan Airport, then by taxi.

Public transport is suitable if you first want to visit Kyrenia - you can get to it from the airport by bus, and then take a dolmush (minibus) to Esentepe itself. Another way is by ferry from Turkey (Alanya, Mersin, and so on) to Kyrenia. However, keep in mind that the journey will take several hours.

If you are used to traveling by car, you can rent a car. The driving here is left hand, the long presence of Cyprus in the British colonies has an impact on that. You can rent a car online, as well as at the airport, where there are stalls of rental companies.

Medical Care in Esentepe

The high quality and affordable prices of medical services in the TRNC attract foreigners here, in particular, the British - many of them combine vacation by the sea with dental treatment, or just doing a check-up.

Kyrenia is also home to one of the best IVF clinics (it ranks 7th among 559 medical centers in Europe).

If you need emergency assistance, you need to call 112 (this is the general number for all emergency services, including doctors).

It is important to bear in mind that an ambulance will not arrive if the reason for the call is not life-threatening. In case of a high temperature, infectious diseases, or poisoning, you need to go to ACIL - the emergency room.

In Esentepe, there is such a department at the Esentepe Tip Merkezi hospital, with a laboratory, X-ray ward, and surgical unit. If you want to get the advice of highly specialized doctors, it is better to go to Kyrenia or Famagusta.

Free medical care in municipal clinics is provided only to citizens of the TRNC, whereas foreigners with residence permits and tourists buy insurance.

This insurance covers part of the cost of services, sometimes more, sometimes less - you can find out how much you have to pay in addition to directly at the clinic.

Tourist Attractions in Esentepe

A five-minute drive from Esentepe brings you to the only golf club in Northern Cyprus. The place was chosen by foreigners who are accustomed to a luxurious holiday.

Ordinary tourists may also be interested in visiting the club and admiring the green course.

On the way to the city, along the main road, there are underground houses of the first settlers of this region, some of them are not covered with earth and you can explore them for free.

Another attraction of Esentepe is the church of Antifonidis, built in the twelfth century. Miraculously surviving frescoes give an idea of how majestic and beautiful it was at the time of its heyday.

Real Estate in Esentepe

Esentepe is currently growing. Luxurious villas and new residential complexes with apartments are being built around the town.

It is not difficult to find a property for both investment and permanent residence in the most beautiful nature near the sea and mountains. In modern complexes, both ordinary apartments, penthouses, and loft penthouses are for sale.

Esentepe will be an ideal place to move for permanent residence, but it is important to consider that living here is more comfortable if you have your car. In this case, it will be more convenient to get to Kyrenia, where kindergartens, schools, large hospitals, and shopping centers are located.

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