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Furnished Apartments in Mersin

Unveil the perfect blend of convenience and elegance with our Furnished Apartments in Mersin. These properties in Mersin offer a seamless living experience, equipped with tasteful furnishings to ensure a comfortable and stylish lifestyle. Elevate your living standards in Mersin with our thoughtfully furnished apartments.

Hot offer
Best for investment
With Installment
With sea view
1+1 62 m2 90.000 €
  • Swimming pool, water slide, children's play ground 
  • All necessary household appliances of BOSCH brand
  • Down payment 50%
  • Only 150 meters from the sea
Mersin, Erdemli
Distance to the sea
150.0 m
Remaining only 2 apartments!
Hot offer
Best for investment
With Installment
Near the sea
1+0 39 m2 39.000 €
1+1 54 m2 61.000 €
  • Swimming pool, water park, cinema, cafe, hairdresser, billiards, barbecue
  • Lobby - Reception, A'La Carte restaurant, outdoor and indoor parking lots  
  • Fitness, Turkish bath, laundry, playground, generator
  • Initial payment 50%
Mersin, Erdemli
Distance to the sea
780.0 m
Remaining only 2 apartments!

Discover Coastal Comfort with Furnished Apartments in Mersin

Embrace the coastal lifestyle with ease by choosing furnished apartments in Mersin, a city that blends the tranquility of the Mediterranean with urban convenience. Mersin, known for its picturesque marina, sprawling parks, and vibrant culinary scene, offers a selection of furnished apartments that cater to those seeking a turnkey living solution. Whether you're relocating for work, seeking a leisurely retreat, or exploring investment opportunities, furnished apartments in Mersin provide the perfect blend of comfort and convenience.

Why Opt for Furnished Apartments in Mersin?

  1. Ease of Transition: Furnished apartments in Mersin offer a hassle-free move, providing all the essentials for immediate occupancy, making them ideal for expats, students, and professionals.
  2. Strategic Locations: Nestled in some of Mersin's most desirable neighborhoods, these apartments ensure you're never far from the city's best attractions, business hubs, and leisure facilities.
  3. Varied Choices: From modern high-rises with panoramic sea views to cozy units in charming residential areas, furnished apartments in Mersin meet diverse preferences and lifestyles.
  4. Cost-Effective Solution: Opting for a furnished apartment in Mersin can be more economical than furnishing a space from scratch, especially for short-term stays or those constantly on the move.

Features of Furnished Apartments in Mersin

  1. Comfortable Living: Each furnished apartment in Mersin is thoughtfully equipped with furniture, appliances, and decor, creating a comfortable and inviting home environment.
  2. Contemporary Amenities: Many furnished apartments in Mersin come with modern amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and security services, enhancing the quality of life for residents.
  3. Cultural Immersion: Living in a furnished apartment in Mersin allows for an immersive experience in the local culture, with easy access to markets, restaurants, and cultural events.
  4. Community Connections: Settling in a furnished apartment often means joining a community of like-minded individuals, providing opportunities for social interaction and networking.

Finding Your Ideal Furnished Apartment in Mersin

  1. Tailor Your Search: Identify your priorities, such as location, size, and budget, to focus your search on furnished apartments in Mersin that best suit your needs.
  2. Leverage Local Expertise: Collaborate with real estate agents experienced in Mersin's furnished apartment market to uncover the best listings and gain valuable insights.
  3. Conduct Thorough Inspections: Before making a decision, inspect the furnished apartments to assess the quality of furnishings, the condition of the apartment, and the suitability of the location.
  4. Understand Lease Terms: Carefully review the rental agreement, paying close attention to lease duration, rental costs, and any included utilities or maintenance services.


Furnished apartments in Mersin offer a practical and enjoyable way to experience life on Turkey's Mediterranean coast. 

With the convenience of move-in-ready homes, diverse options, and the vibrant lifestyle of Mersin, these apartments are an attractive choice for anyone looking for comfort, community, and the beauty of coastal living. Whether for short-term stays or longer commitments, furnished apartments in Mersin provide a seamless transition into this dynamic and welcoming city.

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