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Near the Sea Property in İstanbul

İstanbul, a city straddling two continents, captivates with its rich history, cultural tapestry, and the unique allure of being situated on the edge of the Bosphorus Strait. In this exploration, we delve into the enchantment of near the sea property in İstanbul and how the real estate market in this dynamic city seamlessly combines the splendor of coastal living with the promise of an extraordinary lifestyle.

Best price guaranteed
For Residence Permit
Citizenship approved
Ready to Move in
1+1 85 m2 658.000 €
2+1 147 m2 893.000 €
  • Indoor pool, sauna, fitness
  • Favorable location in one of the most popular district of Istanbul
  • 1 km to Atakoy Marina
4+1 311 m2 2.775.000 €
5+1 364 m2 3.150.000 €
Distance to the sea
150.0 m
Remaining only 8 apartments!
Best price guaranteed
For Residence Permit
Citizenship approved
Ready to Move in
3.5+1 214 m2 1.635.000 €
4.5+1 258 m2 1.700.000 €
  • "Smart Home" system
  • Private sandy beach 
  • 80% of the area is allocated for landscapes: ponds, fountains, gardens of various concepts, relaxation zones 
  • Kindergarten, children's play areas 
  • Fitness section, running track, squash wall, tennis court, basketball court and football field
  • Cafe area,spa center, sauna and steam rooms
5+1 398-435 m2 2.275.000 €
Distance to the sea
90.0 m
Open, Close
Remaining only 4 apartments!
Best price guaranteed
Best for investment
For Residence Permit
Citizenship approved
1+1 60 - 76 m2 113.000 €
2+1 98 m2 180.500 €
  • Down payment 50%
  • Possibility to obtain Turkish citizenship
  • Indoor pool, kids playground, kids club, fitness, shop, cinema room
  • Near the sea and Küçükçekmece Lake, schools, universities, metrobus,  E5 highway
3+1 127 m2 235.000 €
İstanbul, Küçükçekmece
Distance to the sea
500.0 m
Remaining only 5 apartments!
Best price guaranteed
For Residence Permit
Citizenship approved
With Installment
3+1 114 m2 425.000 €
5+2 237-260 m2 545.000 €
  • Opportunity to obtain Turkish citizenship
  • Down payment 50%, installment plan for 12 months 
  • Spacious and diverse layouts with separate and open kitchen
  • Heated floors, smart home system
  • Pool, fitness, children's playground 
  • Underground parking and gazebos, garden
4+2 260 m2 647.000 €
İstanbul, Pendik
Distance to the sea
500.0 m
Remaining only 5 apartments!

Explore Near the Sea Property in İstanbul

Seaside Apartments with Breathtaking Views

İstanbul's near the sea properties feature a meticulously curated collection of apartments, providing an ideal haven for those seeking the tranquility of coastal living. These apartments showcase breathtaking views of the Bosphorus or the Marmara Sea, allowing residents to wake up to the soothing sound of waves and the panoramic beauty of the azure sea.

Bosphorus-Facing Villas in Exclusive Enclaves

For those desiring an elevated coastal lifestyle, İstanbul offers villas nestled along the Bosphorus in exclusive settings. Whether situated directly on the water's edge or on hillsides overlooking the strait, these villas epitomize luxury and sophistication, offering an intimate retreat by the iconic Bosphorus.

Proximity to Historic Sites and Cultural Gems

Near the sea properties in İstanbul are strategically located, ensuring residents have easy access to the region's historic sites and cultural wonders. From the vibrant neighborhoods of Beşiktaş to the historic charm of Üsküdar, these properties offer a lifestyle that seamlessly combines beachside relaxation with cultural exploration.

Investment Opportunities in Coastal Opulence

The near the sea properties in İstanbul not only provide an exceptional living experience but also present exciting investment opportunities. As the city continues to grow in popularity, these properties offer a secure entry point for investors looking to capitalize on the increasing demand for coastal real estate in this thriving metropolis.

The İstanbul Real Estate Market

The real estate market in İstanbul reflects the city's commitment to providing a diverse range of near the sea housing options, meeting the demands of those who envision their home against the backdrop of the Bosphorus or the Marmara Sea. The strategic location, cultural richness, and the city's growing popularity contribute to the appeal of investing in İstanbul's real estate.

A Variety of Coastal Residences: İstanbul's real estate market offers a variety of near the sea residences, ensuring there is a home for every taste and preference. From modern apartments with sea-view balconies to spacious Bosphorus-facing villas, the market caters to the diverse needs of residents and investors alike.

Growing Demand for Coastal Living: The increasing demand for near the sea property in İstanbul reflects the global trend of individuals seeking the serenity and natural beauty that coastal living provides. As more people recognize the allure of waking up to the sea breeze and the panoramic views, the real estate market continues to thrive, offering an array of options for those yearning for a waterfront lifestyle.

Navigating İstanbul's Coastal Real Estate Gem

Understanding the nuances of İstanbul's diverse coastal neighborhoods is crucial for making informed real estate decisions. From the bustling shores of Beşiktaş to the serene beauty of the Asian side in Kadıköy, each locale has its unique character and appeal. Prospective buyers are encouraged to explore these neighborhoods, considering their lifestyle, preferences, and long-term aspirations.

Find your new home with Tolerance Homes

In the enchanting metropolis of İstanbul, where East meets West and the Bosphorus whispers against historic shores, near the sea properties stand as symbols of coastal splendor. Tolerance Homes, with its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, invites you to explore the myriad opportunities that İstanbul's real estate market has to offer. Whether you seek a seaside apartment with breathtaking views or a Bosphorus-facing villa immersed in luxury, İstanbul's near the sea properties await you. Trust in Tolerance Homes to guide you through this exciting journey, ensuring that your coastal living dreams in İstanbul become a reality—not just transactions but pathways to an extraordinary and indulgent lifestyle.

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