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Best place in Turkey for families

Reading time: 13 minutes

Best places in Turkey for families

Turkey has been related to family holidays for a long time. You can find beaches on the warm seashore, luxurious hotels with restless animators, and all-inclusive resorts that have been praised by tourists.

But there is also ancient Troy, ancient cities, Istanbul, wild mountains, and dense forests - a real surprise to those who imagined Turkey as a country of beach idleness.

If you're considering a family holiday in Turkey and looking to experience Turkey for the first time, you'll be faced with a lot of choices among resorts and hotels to explore.

We will tell you how to properly plan a holiday with children in Turkey, so the little travelers are not tired on the road and spent time with benefit and pleasure.

Best places in Turkey for families

 Now let's find out together where isthe best place in Turkey for families!

What's the Best Destination in Turkey for Families?

Turkey has long proved to be a family-friendly holiday destination. But how about the best Turkey destinations for families? It's all about making sure that visitors enjoy their trip as much as possible.

Hotels that offer a wide range of children's entertainment play a big part in this. The main delight of hotels in Turkey is children's animation.

While the children take part in the competitions or jump in the mini-discos, the parents have time for a relaxing break. In addition to the animation programs, the hotels have games rooms, children's clubs for toddlers and older children, and pools with slides.

This is especially convenient during holidays with small children in Turkey: kids are not yet interested in large-scale excursions, but in the games they like.

As a rule, all the entertainment is included in the price of the accommodation, and only some extra activities you may pay for. It is really important to find a hotel with an extensive entertainment program in small resort towns. However, large resorts also have plenty to do outside the hotels.

For example, water parks, without a holiday with a child in Turkey can not be imagined in Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Bodrum, or Kemer. The largest water park in Turkey, Adaland, is located in Kusadasi. There's even a water park in Istanbul.

The water amusement centers usually open in May and don't close until September/October.

Here is a brief list of thebest places in Turkey for familiesto spend time with children: dolphinaria in Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, Bodrum, and Kusadasi; amusement parks, the largest of which are Aktur Park in Antalya and Isfanbul (Vialand) in Istanbul; a zoo in Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir; aquariums and oceanariums in Istanbul, Kusadasi; dinosaur parks in Kemer and Side.

The greatest number of attractions for children is concentrated in Istanbul (The Snow Village and Kidzania, a professional town) and in Antalya (Minicity, a park of miniatures, and Sandland, a complex of sand sculptures).

The rest of the resorts won't be boring for kids either.

And what to do in Turkey with a child who has already outgrown the toddler's fun?

We recommend going on long excursions with teenagers to the best place in Turkey for families such as:  taking a walk along the Bosphorus, seeing the waterfalls Manavgat and Kursunlu, taking a boat trip along the Green Canyon and Keprülü canyon, exploring the Damlataş Cave, fish at the Ulupinar Trout Farm, relaxing in the Valley of Butterflies.

If you feel like taking a calculated risk, take part in a white-water rafting trip on the Kepručaj River.

best places to go in turkey for families

Where is the Best Place for a Family Holiday in Turkey?

A beach holiday in Turkey is a major and completely justified goal for most tourists: what a pleasure it is to sunbathe on a luxurious, well-appointed beach that flies the blue flag.

This prize goes to beaches that meet high standards of cleanliness and safety. Almost all Turkish resorts can boast a Blue Flag beach.

Most beaches along Turkey's coastline are owned by hotels, which are committed to beachfront improvements and the comfort of holidaymakers.

Entrance to private beaches is usually paid, and sometimes access is restricted. However, every resort has at least one well-kept, yet free, municipal beach with excellent infrastructure.

The beaches in Turkey cater to all tastes - pebbly and sandy, long and tiny, crowded and secluded. The sea is almost always smooth and gently sloping, which is great for babies.

Where is the Best Place for a Family Holiday in Turkey?

Be aware however as there are stretches of rocky seashore and the water can be shallow towards the shore.

Some hotels try to improve their beach areas as much as possible, replacing pebbles with sand and clearing the seabed. In some places, platforms are constructed for swimming. For this reason, it is advisable to find out which beach is closest to the hotel.

Resorts on the Mediterranean Sea arethe best places to go in Turkeyand are famous for their excellent sandy beaches. Pebble beaches are prevalent on the Aegean Sea and in Kemer.

Where there are pebbles, the water is usually clearer and cleaner than on sandy beaches, but protective slippers may be required to enter the water.

There are no designated children's beaches in Turkey. But some hotels arrange playgrounds on the beach, and often stretch a protective tent over them - so kids can frolic by the sea at any time.

A good place for a holiday with the child will be quiet, small beaches in small resort towns.

The Best Resorts in Turkey for Families

Mediterranean resorts are characterized by high summer temperatures and high humidity. Holidays with a child on the Antalya coast should be planned for May-June or September-October when temperatures are not too high.

Airports on the Mediterranean Sea are close to Antalya and Alanya. Buses go to the resorts from there.

The Tolerance company has always great deals on property in Antalya don’t hesitate to ask us for any help and assistance. Below we have prepared for you the best family holiday destinations in Turkeyresorts.

Antalya is a lively resort with a lot to offer: close proximity to the airport, excellent tourist infrastructure, long beaches, a huge choice of respectable hotels and apartments, and lots of entertainment for children. A relaxing holiday here is hard to rely on, but you will love Antalya if you don't like a monotonous holiday.

Kemer is located 47 km from Antalya. It is a holiday resort for beach lovers, diving aficionados, and those who love sightseeing. It is a respectable resort that caters to families with children and young people alike. So when looking for a hotel in Kemer, make sure there are no noisy attractions nearby. When choosing where to go with children, pay attention to the quiet villages of Tekirova, Chamyuva, Kirish, Geynyuk, and Beldibi.

The resort of Side is a great destination for families. Here you can combine beach holidays with excursions and enjoy the convenience of well-developed tourist infrastructure. If you're looking for a bit of privacy, choose one of the holiday villages close to Side: Kumkoy, Titreengöl, Çolaklı, Kızılaac, Sorgun, and Manavgat. The distance between Antalya and Side is 76 km.

One of the largest resorts in Turkey, Alanya has everything you need for a comfortable holiday with your child. There are plenty of children's activities and older children can take a tour of the city. To escape the noise of a major resort, choose one of the hotels in the villages of Konakli, Avsallar, Incekum, Karaburun, and Mahmutlar. You can find a nice budget hotel in these areas. The only disadvantage of Alanya is the long transfer time from the airport, which is about 130 km.

The main advantage of Kusadasiis its mild climate. Here you can relax with your child all summer long without the heat. Another plus is the existence of three water parks. The rest of the advantages are typical for all regions of Turkey: comfortable family hotels, excellent beaches, and advanced tourism infrastructure. If you're looking for a holiday destination in Turkey for a pre-schooler who's not interested in sightseeing, look no further than Ozdere, a secluded resort close to Kusadasi.

Bodrum is a luxurious resort with distinctive architecture that captivates tourists. Here you can enjoy the highest level of service in the hotels and relax on the well-appointed beaches, take your child on interesting excursions and have fun with the whole family in the water park. Bodrum itself is quite a noisy town, but the villages of Bitez, Torba, Turgutreis, and Ortakent-Yahsi offer peace and quiet.

The atmosphere of Fethiye will appeal to those who value seclusion more than anything else. The tourist infrastructure is a little less developed and there are no amusements or restaurants on the beaches. However, nature and clean air are wonderful. As for entertainment, it can be found in hotels.

best place in turkey for families

Top 3 Tourist Places in Istanbul for Families

Many people don't think traveling to Istanbul with children is a good idea, perhaps imagining a bustling metropolis with traffic, crowded streets, oriental bazaars with vocal shopkeepers, and hustling crowds of locals and tourists.

But it's also a different city, always ready to welcome the young traveler with the greatest variety of places to see. From historical sites to museums, state-of-the-art amusement centers, and lots of fun things to do, Istanbul is a fantastic city to remember in the fondest of memories. 

We think that Istanbul can be certainly the best place to go in Turkey for families.A family holiday in Istanbul can be quite successful if you plan it right: choose a good time to travel, book a comfortable hotel, and think of a program of excursions and activities.

The main attraction for children is Istanbul Park. In terms of quantity and quality of attractions, it is as good as the world-famous Disneyland. The Kidzania children's city of professions, on the other hand, has no rides at all, but children are ready to stay there from morning till night.

Children can try their hand at being doctors, salespeople, or firemen and spend the money they earn (yes, Kidzania pays for their work) on shopping or depositing it in the bank.

 On a particularly hot day, we suggest diving into the cool semi-darkness of the Istanbul Aquarium. No, you don't have to dive into the water, but the lighting and air conditioning make you feel like you're in the cool sea.

There are several interactive areas where you can look through a microscope and examine the smallest inhabitants of the depths, act as a submarine captain, and pet harmless stingrays and starfish. If you're tired of the heat, leave it for the cold. Istanbul's Snowpark is a year-round snow park with skiing and sledding, but don't forget that outside the park it can reach 30°C.

And during your summer holiday with a child in Istanbul, the waterpark pools offer a refreshing change of pace. Both, Aqua Club Dolphin and Aqua Marine, are located a good distance from the city center but have shuttles to both from different parts of the city.

For relaxation with the little ones, Aqua Club Dolphin is more suitable and has a lovely play pool. The teenagers will enjoy Aqua Marine's entertainment. Note that next to the Aqua Club Dolphin there is a dolphinarium. Dolphins, seals, walruses, and beluga whales take part in its shows. After the show, you can take pictures with the charming artists and even swim with them.

Top 5 Tourist Places in Turkey for Families

Not sure where is the best place in Turkey for families? Then this guide is for you. Here are the top 5 best places for families to go in Turkey for families on holiday.

1. Bursa city

Bursa is ideally situated at the bottom of the Uludag Mountains and on the shores of Marmara's Sea. The resort is always hot in summer. Not far from the town there are bathing places and lakes surrounded by dense flora. In winter, snow falls in the nearby mountains, making the town a fun playground for winter for all ages.

Top 5 Tourist Places in Turkey for Families

Uludag is one of Turkey's most popular and easily accessible ski resorts. The mountain slopes near Bursa are often crowded with locals and tourists alike. Uludag has all the "trimmings" of a ski resort: hotels, ski schools, ski rentals, and more.

For those who want to relax in the city, Bursa offers two museums - the city and the Anatolian Cars - as well as a zoo and a cultural park, where young tourists can have fun.

2. İzmir

Izmir is an ideal family holiday destination and one of the best places to go in Turkey. This modern city, located on the Aegean coast, has a rich history.

Greek, Roman, Seljuk, and Ottoman civilizations have lived and prospered here for centuries. Visitors can explore traditional archaeological museums and the ruins of ancient buildings which are scattered along the hills and the sea shore.

Ephesus is one of the most grandiose remains of Roman cities in the world. The ancient ruins are among the most important and largest structures in Turkey. Tourists visit it in the low season.

However, during the high season many travelers come to admire the historical sites such as Celsus Library;

Hadrian's Temple;

●Huge amphitheater with seating for 25,000 people;

●Baths and other traces of Roman life.

Izmir has amazing beaches and a lot of entertainment in the center of the city, making it an ideal summer destination for tourists of all ages and preferences. Nearby Cesme and Alacati are small resorts known for their sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and some of the best windsurfing spots in Turkey.

3. Patara

best area in turkey for family holiday

Patara, the remains of an ancient city scattered along the Mediterranean coast near Gelemish (today's village), is within walking distance of the resorts and towns of Dalaman, Fethiye, Kas, and Kalkan.

This unspoiled area belongs to an extensive protected national park. Before it became an important port under the Romans, Patara was the main defensive center of the Kingdom of Lycia. The ancient city stretches along the beach, making it one of the most picturesque ruins in the region.

Patara is a 12 km stretch of unspoiled sandy beach, ideal for building sandcastles and seclusion away from the hustle and bustle and for leisurely strolls during which you can find a cozy spot to relax for the day.

That is why it is the best place in Turkey for families who wants to have a rest from the city routine.

From May to September, the beach is closed in the evenings because the Caretta, the tadpole sea turtles, use it as a nesting spot. The turtles can be seen as they come ashore to lay their eggs.

As it is a protected area, there are no water sports in Patara, but swimming in the waves is an activity that suits tourists just fine.

For those who prefer other activities, the mountains behind the ancient city provide plenty of opportunities:


 Wildlife watching;

 River kayaking;

Visiting thermal springs.

4. Istanbul

Istanbul is packed with activities for all ages. With a host of indoor and outdoor activities, it's impossible to get bored in this metropolis. Depending on the season, the city's larger museums and art galleries can organize exciting activities for children: painting, arts and crafts, or games of exploration. Thanks to the municipal councils, there are various festive events for children (mostly in Turkish):

 Illusionist shows;

Puppet shows;

Theatre performances and others.

 Apart from the traditional sightseeing tour of Sultanahmet, Istanbul's historical quarter, there are many other interesting sites to see.

The Prince's Islands, just south of the city, can be reached by ferry. The city is surrounded by forests, the coastline, and the picturesque islands to the south. Outdoor enthusiasts will certainly want to venture into the parks and green groves, where there are plenty of opportunities for hiking, cycling, and swimming.

For those looking for more bike riding, there are two trails: an extensive one along the Asian side and one under construction on the European side of town.

These cycle paths can also be walked on foot. With restaurants, cafes, and playgrounds scattered along the coastline, tourists are sure to find something ideal for a family holiday. Moreover, holidaymakers here can enjoy a corner of Istanbul that most visitors don't see.

5. Çanakkale

Çanakkale is great for families. The resort offers tourists an incredibly wide range of activities. Vacationers also discover ancient and modern historical sites found everywhere. Activities to enjoy include:

Water fun;

Hiking in national parks;



Çanakkale lies on the banks of the Dardanelles, the strait that connects the northern part of the Sea of Marmara to the south of the Aegean Sea.

Most of the bays and the narrow inlets between the rocks are safe, even for those swimmers who are unsure of the water. The beaches are sandy and ideal for building sandcastles.

Troy and Pergamon, the remains of ancient cities with a rich history that must be visited, are not far from the resort. The Gallipoli Peninsula is a great place for diving. The only thing each tourist needs to do is to decide his or her itinerary.

The Tolerance company always offers great proposals with that will suit everyone, even in the hottest summer season when prices go up considerably. The company's experts are always happy to help you choosea property in Turkey according to your budget and wishes.

Family holidays in Turkey today are most suitable for anyone who does not like long flights and appreciates a high level of service. Company Tolerance will help you choose amazing places to go in Turkey,on the Mediterranean coast for the rest of the whole family.

Do you want peace in the most beautiful city on the coast - Antalya, or maybe prefer a noisy and cheerful Kemer? You can choose wonderful Alanya with the cleanest air and beaches or go to Marmaris with its peach orchards and parks.

With us, you'll find out the best place in Turkey for families and you will be happy with your holiday and your kids will be healthy for the whole year. 

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