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Fethiye is a resort in Antalya region, there are 285 sunny days a year, long sunny summers without rain and warm winters. The sea is also warm, the beaches are well equipped. The city has a great historical museum, and nearby there are the ruins of ancient Greek temples, an amphitheater, unique natural park "Blue Lagoon" and nature reserve "Valley of Butterflies". The safety and the comfort of the small town made Fethiye popular among Europeans. Real property there is very popular, but it should be remembered that there are not many land plots for development in the coastal zone.

Location and climate. The resort of Fethiye is 45 km from Dalaman Airport and 200 km from Antalya. On average, Fethiye has 285 sunny days a year, the climate there is normal for the Antalya region – with long sunny summers without rain and warm winters.

The sea and the beach. Between Fethiye and Marmaris there is the border of the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas. Geographically Fethiye belongs to the Mediterranean coast, and the sea there is warmer than in Marmaris. Clean and well-equipped beaches are available both in the city itself and in the suburbs.

Transport accessibility. Dalaman Airport receives many scheduled and charter international flights. A special bus service transports arriving people from Dalaman airport to Fethiye in one hour, the same route by car takes forty minutes. The way by car from Antalya to Fethiye will take about two and a half hours.

Sights. The Historical Museum of Fethiye is the exposition of a variety of ancient things found around the city. Nearby there is an ancient Lycian city of Letoon (the 8th cent. BC). Where the ruins of the Temples of Artemis and Apollo, amphitheater and ancient mosaics are extant. "Blue Lagoon" in the village of Oludeniz (Olüdeniz) is a unique nature reserve, 12 km from Fethiye. The coast of the "Blue Lagoon" is the most photographed one in the world, it is the standard of a Mediterranean beach. The mountain adjacent to the beach is very popular with balloonists-paragliders. National Park "The Valley of Butterflies" is also opened for visiting in Fethiye.

Safety. Tens of thousands of European tourists make their choice in favor of Fethiye every year to spend holidays with family and friends. This choice is due to not only the unique natural landscape, but also to a high level of safety.

Education. The town has a wide range of private and municipal Turkish schools. There is a school for English-speaking children, and there are also plans to open a school with teaching in Russian.

Culture and traditions. Fethiye attracts many active recreation enthusiasts. Here you can rent and purchase equipment for rafting, paragliding, water skiing, quad bike safaris, and canoeing.

Cost of living. The level of prices for goods and services on average does not differ from the level of Antalya.

Advantages of a small town. The city is a home for about 150,000 people. Fethiye stores the atmosphere of a small resort town that preserves its traditions. In 2007, British newspapers Times and the Guardian named the region of Fethiye-Oludeniz the best resort in the world.

Real estate. More than 7 thousand Britons permanently reside in Fethiye, there are also many Germans, Dutch people and Russians. The demand for the real estate is supported by the ability to profit from the lease, which depends on the location and type of property. In the greatest demand are villas with a sea view, but there is a limited number of such properties due to the shortage of land for development in the coastal strip.

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