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Kaş (pronounced 'Kash') is a Mediterranean resort with sunny summers and moderately rainy winters. Kaş mostly has pebble beaches, not all of them are suitable for bathing with children, but it has the best on the coast quay for boats and yachts. The town is rich in sights, both natural and man-made: available year-round for visiting are Lycian cities, the ancient amphitheater, the tomb, and the beauties of the underwater world attract divers to the region. Real estate there is represented by apartments and villas, many of the buildings offer beautiful panoramic views of the sea. Low crime rate, environmental purity, and marina – all this tourists from Europe have liked, so prices in Kaş are above the regional average.

Location and climate. The Mediterranean resort area of Kaş is 200 km to the west from Antalya and 150 km to the east from Dalaman International Airport. The area is dominated by the subtropical Mediterranean climate with sunny summer season lasting for five months, and moderately rainy winters.

The sea and the beach. The Mediterranean Sea in Kaş is very clean and translucent, it has an unusually beautiful color. The beaches are mostly pebble beaches and not all are suitable for bathing with children. The most modern and the largest quay on the coast for boats and yachts was recently built in Kaş.

Transport accessibility. From the central bus station of Antalya to Kaş comfortable buses run regularly (travel time - about four hours). If you are traveling by car, the road from Antalya to Kaş takes two hours. You can also get to Kaş from Dalaman airport by car, the road also takes two hours. If you decide to travel from Dalaman by bus, you will be able to get, without problems, to Fethiye, from which route buses go to Kaş.

Sights. Until the last century the city belonged to the Greeks, and therefore the influence of Greek culture and architectural traditions is felt to this day. Preserved and available for visits all year round are the antique Greek amphitheater dating back to the 1st century BC and the Lycian tomb of the 4th century BC. Kaş also offers an easy access to ancient Lycian cities of Tlos, Xanthos, Patara and Myra. In 50 km from Kaş there is Saklikent Gorge. And Schengen visa holders may visit the nearby Greek island of Kastellorizo, which is only 7 km by sea.

Safety. In small towns, where almost all people know each other's faces, the crime rate is traditionally very low. Locals and tourists feel very safe both in daytime and at night.

Education. Kaş has public schools with teaching in Turkish, the nearby town of Fethiye (30 km from Kaş), has also schools for foreigners.

Culture and traditions. In the town there are many small cozy restaurants where they serve dishes from poultry, meat and fish. The town has a long-standing tradition of coastal fishing, so you can always buy fresh fish at the fish market. A big new marina allows many people to park their yachts or hire a vessel. In summer you can go yachting along the coast with bathing in the sea or visit the sunken city of Kekova. The beauties of the underwater world attract to Kaş many divers.

Cost of living. Excellent environment, marina, cozy boutique hotels and villas for rent – all this attracts in Kaş wealthy tourists from around the world. As a result, prices in Kaş are above the regional average.

Advantages of a small town. The population of Kaş is a little over 6,000 people. Local residents are engaged mainly in servicing tourists or in the coastal fishing. The atmosphere in the town is very quiet and measured, for which it is liked by many Europeans, especially the British.

Real estate. The Germans and the British were the first buyers of private apartments and villas in Kaş, it was this that defined a fairly high level of the quality of construction and interior trimming of housing. Kaş is distinguished by a big number of apartments and villas with great panoramic views of the sea. As the number of land plots for development is very limited, real estate prices are quite high and are slightly increasing from year to year.

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